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July 9, 2013:
A mad dash for used and refurbished iPad models has accompanied the trade-in mania at stores where people are getting the iPad 4. Buyers are finding bargain prices on used iPad 2 models and other tablet types thanks to the popular appeal from Apple's latest product.


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Used and Returned Tablet Computers

ThinkPad and TouchSmart Among Top Models

Refurbished TabletsLots of people are waiting for Windows 8 to be featured on refurbished tablets, but many others are happy with the current operating systems while they await an upgrade. As it turns out, many models get refurbished with new operating systems added on in order to wipe any unusual data that may be in the tablet's memory. Buying a refurbished tablet can represent a significant savings over a new system. Touchscreen tablets and PCs often are considered refurbished if they were a rental return, or were sent back for any number of reasons, even if the necessary repair was simple. Given the amount of tiny parts in a tablet PC, a small problem in soldering or a single bad component can require a repair, at which point the system cannot be sold as new. Many tablets have Windows operating systems with XP, Vista, or Windows 7, or they may have Linux operating systems. Refurbished tablets for sale online are great for people who are already familiar with the system or want to buy them as specific gifts for college students and small computing enthusiasts. As the 2012 Christmas Season picks up, parents are also looking to get gently used tablet computers due to the hundreds of dollars in savings compared to "new in box" models. A special consideration is to make sure that your model, if it is an Android, has the correct "Ice Cream Sandwich," "Honeycomb," or "Jellybean" updates in place so there is less danger of bugs. Tablets, like other computing devices, need frequent updates and require Wi-Fi functionality for the best results.

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Special note: Make sure your warranty terms are stated when you buy a refurbished computer. Used tablets and iPads may need extra accessories that came standard with new models, so don't get stuck without a charger or cord.